Friday, 29 July 2011

places I would rather be

Even though we don't do much of the renovation work ourselves, the whole process is really tiring. The garden suite is nice, but I miss having a real home. I miss real summer and I wish we could go somewhere warm, near a beach - like the places pictured below. I'm sure everyone who has been through a big renovation project can relate to this.

Crillon le Brave, Provence


Whiteheaven beach, Australia

The island of Hvar, Croatia

Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

Cassis, Provence

- - -

The giveaway ends today, at ca 8 pm CET+1.


  1. I'd happily go to any of those right now! You've been to some incredibly beautiful places :)

  2. Oh, the picture of the swimming pool in Barcelona is so nice, with the city just behind!
    Nice selection anyway!

  3. ååå, ja! -det skjønnar eg godt!

    Og bilda du viser,
    lokkar ikkje mindre ;-)

    God fredag Astrid!

  4. Må si meg enig der, det virker deilig å reise bort litt. Det frister ekstra mye etter lange kontordager eller å bo midt i en byggeplass. Det virker som rennoveringen blir veldig fin da.

  5. Your beautiful vacation photos make me realize we have not been to the sea in a very long time--plenty of rivers, but not the seaside. I wish I could send you some of our "real summer" --if by real summer you mean hot and sunny. With all my heart I understand how tiring a renovation project can be. My hope for you is that everythng is finished on time and beautifully.

  6. Only think how cozy will you feel at home after the renovations! It is worth!!

    Be patient! and good luck!



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