Monday, 11 July 2011

Katherine shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Katherine?

I shoot film for many reasons, although I think it boils down to two. One, it feels visually much more beautiful to me than digital. I think a photo can look like complete crap if you take it with an okay, maybe $300 digital camera, but look really beautiful if you shoot it on a $60 film camera. Until I get to looking at photos shot with super expensive digital cameras (I'm talking 4 digits American dollars here), I can always tell if a photo is film or not. I think that says a lot about the visual-quality of film. The second reason is because I feel much more of a personal connection with my photos when I shoot film. There is something very real and satisfying when you know the life & moment you're capturing when you take a photo becomes imprinted that same moment on a piece of film. And you can hold that image in your hand. Versus images only existing as pixels on a chip with digital. Film is raw & pure, aka, the best :)

You can see more of Katherine's film photos on her website and Flickr.

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