Thursday, 21 July 2011

everyday stories outtakes + new routine

Everyday stories outtakes from week 28 in July. I'm collecting the outtakes in the my everyday life 2011 set on Flickr.

- - -

When I started the everyday stories project on January 1st this year, I didn't really have a plan for what to do with "the rest" of the photos I took every day. In February I found out that I wanted to share outtakes here on hei Astrid, so I started posting these everyday stories outtakes posts. So far there has been no routine to the posting of these posts - until now.

Finally I'm up to date with the everyday stories outtakes and from now on every Thursday will be everyday stories outtakes day. So, this Thursday (today) I post the outtakes from last week, and next Thursday I'll post the outtakes from this week. Understand? Everyday stories posts will still be posted on Sundays, and Why do you shoot film posts will still be posted on Mondays. Yes, I like routines.

I'm not sure though if I should continue to post the outtakes on Flickr too. (Well, I do post all my photos on Flickr, but a lot of them are private, for backup.) What do you think? Any thoughts?

By the way, I will announce a new giveaway tomorrow, Friday July 22.


  1. Your garden is so pretty. It is fun to see the process in your house at the moment, so full of work, but it seems to be always just a smile on the faces for you two.

    Happy rainy Thursday greetings Astrid.

  2. I feel the real summer from the last photo. So beautiful!

  3. The place you live in is really beautiful.
    Keep posting this wonderful series, Astrid. xo

  4. Yes please!
    Love to see your photo's pop up on flickr.



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