Friday, 3 June 2011

our outdoor space

The June challenge over at NIB (short for Norwegian Interior Bloggers) is outdoor space (uterom in Norwegian). Since the weather has been everything but lounge-in-the-garden friendly lately, I have dug out some garden photos from my archives.

I have no words other than I love our garden. It's such a happy place. And as mentioned before, Sølve proposed to me there, which makes it even more special.

Here is my garden set on Flickr and here are all garden blog posts. Enjoy! By the way, NIB had the same kind of challenge a year ago. Click here to see my contribution.


  1. Beautiful garden, amazing photos. Can I come and hung out? Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  2. Wow I would like to have a weekend lunch there. It's true, the garden is just wonderful!

  3. I enjoyed these photos so much. I always enjoy shots of your home and garden. I have everything in the ground and the weather has been good. So now, I'm focusing on a plan for installing a backdoor and patio.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Astrid!

  4. Always lovely to see your beautiful living space!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :*

  5. such a beautiful and inviting space. i would hang out there all the time!

  6. i love your pics!!! beautiful garden, amazing photos!!! greetings, angie

  7. Nydelige, nydelige bilder! Liker uteplassen deres!
    Klem Tonje

  8. the last picture shows that everyone enjoys your beautiful garden :)

  9. I love your garden it is looking really awesome with all that flowers and green think that it is a real pleasure to have dinner there.

    Greetings holiday apartment london



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