Thursday, 30 June 2011


May sunset seen from our kitchen window. Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

As some of you already know, we have started a big renovation project in order to prepare our apartment for the arrival of our baby girl in November. We have hardly done any renovation since we moved into this place in September 2005. Well, we did build an apartment in the basement (some of you might remember my documentation of the process on Flickr) and before that we renovated three apartments in three years. Then we had a nice long break from renovating. I can easily admit that I got really fed up of it. Just the thought of painting a wall would almost make me fell sick. It has been so nice to just live here and gradually make a home.

Then something changed. Nesting. Also; paying someone to do most of the renovation for you. Genius! Now my head is suddenly filled with all kinds of home decorating ideas again - mixed with those charming pregnancy emotions...

I tried to make this a post with a collection of some of my favorite photos of our home before the renovation started, but it was hard to find the right ones. Maybe it's because I'm so ready to move on and see all the changes we have planned set to life? Instead you can click the tag "home" to see various photos from our home on Flickr and you can click the label "my home" to see old home related blog posts. I did by the way have a "my home" set of photos on Flickr which I deleted - time to start fresh!

PS: I'm documenting the renovation process with photos in the big 2011 renovation set on Flickr.

- - -

Do you know anyone in the Bergen area that needs an old kitchen and/or bathroom? Instead of destroying it and throwing those old furniture away, I'm hoping someone can find use of it. Check the ads on

kjøkkeninnredning gis bort mot henting - edit: gone!
baderomsinnredning gir bort mot henting - edit: gone!
Siemens oppvaskmaskin selges - edit: gone!

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