Sunday, 19 June 2011

everyday stories, week 24

Monday June 13
home, Bergen

Tuesday June 14
home, Bergen

Wednesday June 15
home, Bergen

Thursday June 16
on our way to Cornelius restaurant, outside Bergen | Cornelius restaurant, Holmen

Friday June 17
Horg Bygdatun, Hovin in Gauldal

Saturday June 18
at my aunt and uncle's place, Hovin in Gauldal

Sunday June 19
at my aunt and uncle's place, Hovin in Gauldal | Værnes airport, Trondheim

PS: Click on each photo to view them bigger | the dinner project 2010, week 24


  1. Love your everyday stories!

  2. i love these photos - especially the breakfast shot. mmm!

  3. Although I do risk to sound pathetic... it's always such a pleasure to see you post a picture of Mari. It always somehow brings a smile to my face. You always show through your shots a lot of care and love for her and she rewards it with so much positive vibes showing through. Keep it up :)



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