Saturday, 11 June 2011

everyday stories, week 22

Monday May 30
home, Bergen

Tuesday May 31 - our 13th anniversary
home, Bergen | dinner at Soho, Bergen

Wednesday June 1
home, Bergen | Steinar Raknes Quartet concert, Nattjazz, Verftet

Thursday June 2
home, Bergen | out walking, Isdalen

Friday June 3
home, Bergen

Saturday June 4
home, Bergen

Sunday June 5
Gatwick airport, London | Grand Hotel Bastiani, Grosseto, Italy

PS: Click on each photo to view them bigger | the dinner project 2010 week 22


  1. Har det allerede vært Nattjazz i Bergen? Jeg er jo helt ute :)

    Haagen Dazs <3

  2. you had a lovely week! the magazine, sweet paul, is it written in english language? it looks just so,well, yummy...

  3. These weekly posts have become one of my favorite bloggy things. I have noticed that I'll feel like something is missing, and then along comes everyday stories. Right away, I'm like, "ah, thank you, Astrid." I love peeking into people's lives, I always have, and I do so enjoy the way that you're doing this, with two photos and the location.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. love these shots, especially those city lights in the evening :)



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