Monday, 9 May 2011

Shinya shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Shinya?

I have no shame. I've never taken a photo on film that I've been entirely thrilled about. It's like a slippery monster that won't dare stay still. She's not at all aggressive but I sure can't tame her. I refuse to use force to calm this beast. I guess it'll take time, get to know her a little at a time.

But this is what keeps me here with her. Film is raw. I scan my own negatives and I will not even remove any specs of dust. The imperfection will continue to rule. Poor framing and ill exposures are here to stay. Film gives me that bit of thrill that is rare as hell, every time I plug my scanner in. Maybe this time, I'll improve a little.

I guess this is why I shoot film.

You can see more of Shinya's photos on his blog Stealing Rivers.



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