Wednesday, 18 May 2011

random home inspiration

I'm having a major spring cleaning of my huge collection of fashion and interior design magazines. I'm even getting rid of my all time favorite (but not so much anymore) LivingEtc. So far my friend Anja has helped me rid of nearly three meters of magazines - and there are more to come!

In 2008 I subscribed to 13 magazines! I always kept all back issues, so our bookshelves quickly filled up. I still find lots of inspiration in magazines, but I have become much more picky about which magazines I buy and I no longer feel the need to keep them all. I never just bin them though; I give the magazines to friends that I know will appreciate them as much as I do.

Whilst flipping through those stacks of magazines lately, I snapped a few shots (with my cell phone, for convenience) of homes/scenes I found particularly inspiring, for some reason or another. I will share them in a series of "random home inspiration" posts.

What do you do with old magazines? Keep them or toss them?


  1. i agree about living etc. i got rid of my collection last year as it's really not as good as it used to be. and just like you i've pared down my subscriptions. i now just get world of interiors and elle decoration, although that said i have just subscribed to the french interiors magazine cote paris as i love it :) i keep the issues that i really love and then pass the rest of them on to friends, too.

  2. It depends upon the magazine. Some, I save forever (like, Martha Stewart Living). Others, I go through and tear out the sheets that I like. I have no friends/family to give them to, so I take them to the public laundry for people to look at while they do their wash. A lot of people take them home, so they seem to be appreciated.

    I just did a huge magazine cleaning too. I have one last pile to go through... Dwell.

  3. I'm a big fan of seasonal decluttering! So, I don't keep old magazines, except those that I really love.

  4. Depends: some of them I keep (especially all travel and photography related), other I simply kick out but take pictures of all great stuff which I fell I could need / use afterwards :)

  5. Jeg sparer på magasinene ganske lenge. Men innimellom får jeg 'magasintrøtthet', og da går jeg gjennom og kaster. Klarer ikke å kaste dem uten å bla gjennom en siste gang og rive ut ekstra inspirerende ting.

  6. I recently went through 5+ years of magazines. Tore out what I loved the most and tossed everything else.

    Very hard to do. Very therapeutic. But by god, the space*!

    Funny, I also noticed that I'm much more picky of which magazines I buy. If you collect them for a longer period of time I find that sometimes the same things/similar things keep popping up.

    * for new magazines of course ;)

  7. I save the ones I like in my "library," sorted and arranged in holders... but that's only for a few favorites. I have every Dwell since late 2005, Bon Appetit for the last few years, several issues of Blueprint, some literary magazines, a bunch of Elle Deco UK, some Martha Stewart Living, a bunch of Esquire UK, and some other stuff.

    Others (like Vogue) I take to the gym for other people to read, or if they're weeklies (like NYT) I just recycle them.



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