Saturday, 28 May 2011

our garden

We had sun yesterday and it felt really good. Especially since the last couple of weeks have been so wet and windy it has felt like full on autumn. I haven't really been in the garden since the beginning of the month. Such a shame! Seems like the rain is doing good for the garden though. It's so lush and green out there now.

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  1. I love your peep-toes! Lovely!
    Here (CH) it is the opposite: it almost feels like summer...we (well nature) need(s) rain;)!

  2. Hi! YOUR garden is Beautiful! I'M french and I'M céline, and i wish to know if you want to participate in a post that i write once a week during the month of june on the garden bloggers. You can find a piece of my garden on my blog; it's located in the north of France. For that I used when testing a photo or two of your garden and i point out your blog, it's just simply for the joy of sharing:))) Soon on our blohs I hope!

  3. Lovely!



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