Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May 31, 2005-2011

2005: We celebrated our 7 years anniversary in our old apartment.

2006: We celebrated our 8 years anniversary in our garden and Sølve proposed. He had built this bench a few days earlier and carved a heart on it. I sat on this bench, in beautiful evening sunlight, when he popped the question. You already know my answer ;-)

2007: We celebrated our 9 years anniversary at home with cheese and rosé.

2008: We celebrated our 10 years anniversary at home with Champagne, snacks, roses and diamonds (to wear for our wedding day August 9 the same year).

2009: Caption written on Flickr: How to celebrate 11 years of love. Shopping at the garden center, spend the whole day working in the garden in the bright, warm sun, champagne and dinner al fresco with candles. Bliss!

2010: We celebrated our 12 years anniversary with tulips from the garden and dinner with my sister (who stayed with us for a month doing research for her master thesis).

2011: We celebrated our 13 years anniversary with dinner out followed by sunset and dessert at home.

This post is inspired by Sandra's similar posts.


  1. I love these yearly photos of your special days, Astrid. Also your life seems pretty much wonderful to me. Happy anniversary!

  2. dear astrid, I enjoy reading your blog and looking trough your pictures..the truth is they make me feal relaxed and at the moment free..free from everythinh, a window into something that looks like a normal, balanced life..you are an inspiration to me


  3. wow Astrid, it's great! 13?! You're so young I didn't think you could celebrate your 13th anniversary! :)
    Congratulations and wish you the best of moments with your husband! xo

  4. Congratulation. You are such a sweet couple!

  5. Lykkeønskninger! With the years gone and the many more to come.

  6. I love to see that you celebrated every anniversary on its own way. Congratulations for number 13!

  7. Lovely.
    Happy anniversary so.
    One word: BRVO. All this love is beautiful !

  8. happy 13th anniversary!! many more to come for you both!!

  9. Ah, Happy Annyversary, sweet couple! I am a little bit late, but I wish you much love and happiness!
    (We celebrated in April our 13th Aniversarry too.)

  10. Utrolig fin og spesiell billedserie. For en viktig dag. Og det bildet av deg...du stråler og er utrolig, utrolig vakker!
    P.S. Gratulerer med dagen!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Taryn Domingos2 June 2011 at 20:59

    Wow! 13! My husband and I were only celebrating one year in 2005. Now we spent our 7th preparing for the birth of our first child. I hope our next six years will be as happy and loving as yours, and I hope the birth of your first child goes as well as ours!

  13. Vidunderlig,

    For kjærleik.



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