Friday, 29 April 2011

things I like today

- a spontaneous haircut (same old) whilst waiting for a couple of films to be developed
- lots and lots of glorious sun all week long
- spring greens and flowers everywhere (the spring set on my Flickr is open)
- a new extra long summer goose feather duvet
- new spring shirts and blouses from H&M
- Lorena's photos from Ireland
- Xavier and Jolayne's Norway photos
- finishing two good books during Easter (Torgrim Eggen "Gjeld" and Peter Robinson "In a Dry Season")
- freshly baked banana muffins with raspberry jam
- Matilde's 52 jams project
- tend
- a weekend at home ahead + plans of gardening
- this photo by Mathias, this by Brian and this by Hanne
- a new to me lovely cookbook Eat Fresh - Cooking through the Seasons by Annabel Langbein

What do you like today?


  1. oh, what a surprise...
    you made my day :)

  2. I can`t wait to see your haircut.
    : )
    Thank you for good things, you`ve shared.

  3. Today I like the rain, and the sun than goes out after her.
    The weekend starts with nobody in the apartment.
    A new tea I've found about chocolate, peperoncino, and black tea. It smells gorgeous !

  4. I just love coming to your blog, Astrid. It's like a mini break away in a fabulous spa hotel.



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