Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy Easter!

In a few hours we are off to our magic place - the mountain cabin. We are staying there for the whole Easter; more than a week with candle lit evenings, melting snow to get water and hardly any cell phone reception. We plan to go into total relaxation mode, have egg and bacon for breakfast, soak in the sun (the weather forecast is brilliant!), ski, play board games (Dominion is a current favorite), read books and cook delicious dinners. After some very busy and eventful weeks, we both really look forward to spending some time in heaven. We absolutely love it there!

Read more about our kind of cabin life here. Click on the tag "the mountain cabin" to see all the posts about the mountain cabin, and see more photos in this set on Flickr. Even more photos: Easter 2010 | Easter 2009 | Easter 2008

I will of course bring back with lots of mountain, skiing and cabin life photos. When I get back I also plan to tell you more about my recent trip to Budapest + show you some film shots, including slide film, from the last couple of months. Don't forget that you can still contribute to My project partner Trine will take care of posting the contributions whilst I'm offline.

By the way, the photos above were taken on Saturday March 26, when we spent the weekend at the mountain cabin with Sølve's parents. There are a few more photos from that weekend here, in the everyday stories, week 12 post.


  1. Happy Easter my dear,enjoy your life.

  2. that sounds like heaven! have a wonderful time!

  3. Ohhh, how I love your mountain cabin!
    These happy photos are wonderful dear! Have a fun time! :D

  4. Sounds like heaven to me. Have a wonderful time and thanks for sharing!

  5. lovely images! I think I'm ski addict :-) Happy new week


  6. have fun at your magic place! i love these photos, they make me miss skiing.

    look forward to seeing photos from your trip.

  7. akkurat slik påske skal være - håper deres blir fin:) klem fra ida



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