Friday, 15 April 2011

Artist Diner: Sunday

Sunday April 3: Quite a few people stopped by Salongen on the second and last day of our Artist Diner show, which of course made us very happy.

As I mentioned yesterday, you can now buy our mini magazine in our Artist Diner Big Cartel shop. is also still open for contributions. Don't be shy, tell us about your favorite thing. Head over here for details.

The Artist Diner set on my Flickr. Here are a few more Artist Diner at Salongen photos, taken by my sister Mari, my husband Sølve (after he got his iPhone he has become an eager photographer - he even posts to his Flickr!) and my friend Øystein.

By the way, the next mini magazine will be published in autumn 2011 and the theme will be folk + nature.


  1. Congrats, Astrid. Looks great.

  2. everything looks amazing! well done!

  3. i like your blog. and i like ur name because we have the same name. ahahaha XD



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