Wednesday, 16 March 2011


As I mentioned here; now that we use Spotify to play music I want to get rid of our CDs. It's done! - and the book shelves looks so much better without them. We didn't part with the CDs completely though; that would be a hard task. We keep a lot of them a filing case like this in the car and the rest are at Åsly, the family holiday home.

How about you; how is your music/CD situation?

Art notes, from left: polaroids by my sister Mari, polaroid by Brigitte Heinsch (aka Maditi on Flickr), illustration by Sandra Juto, poster from Bergen Art Museum and drawing by Anna Emilia. We have some framing and hanging to do, including the two new Peter Lik photographs we bought in New York.

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  1. Elsker Spotify, og kunne aldri gått tilbake.
    Nå er det bare yndlingscd-ene som er igjen. Type denne-Massive-Attack-cd-en-kjøpte-jeg-i-England-da-jeg-var-16. : )

  2. I'm addicted to Spotify. It's perfect for listening to all types of music. Thanks to spotify I got discovered new artists that have fascinated me.

    Although I have a problem.
    When I like an artist, I'm very loyal to him and therefore I have to buy the original cd.
    I'm loyal to these artists: Jewel. Josh Groban, Norah Jones, Lorena McKennitt, Jamie Cullum, The Corrs, Diana Krall, Sarah Mclachlan and Lucia Micarelli.

  3. I can't imagine not having a physical 'thing' to play music from and to touch the booklets and see the covers and flip through the cd's or records in a shop.
    Although I'm a hoarder and have stuff everywhere that I should probably get rid of which looks to be the complete opposite of you!
    I don't even really know what Spotify is, I'm ever so slightly technologically backwards :)

  4. Is Spotify so good ? Better than Deezer ? i still like to have a cd, the object... and to buy it too !-))
    But you give the curiosity to try.

  5. We take all of our cd's out of the cases and get one of those big binders to put them in. They are all in one spot and easy to store.

    The Cheeky Cafe

    P.S. My adorable tote giveaway ends tonight, so make sure you enter;)

  6. I love how organized you are.

  7. ohh... how i envy you! we don't have spotify here, in romania... :(((



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