Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Sometimes I plan a dinner in the morning, and when it comes to the evening I no longer want this dinner and I make something else. Sounds familiar? This was the case last week when I planned to make a tomato based vegetables stew with butter beans. Now these beans have been soaking on the kitchen counter for a week. I have changed the water ca every other day. I'm new to using beans so I wonder; can I still cook them and eat them??


  1. hmmm...jeg aner ikke. men det blir artig å høre svaret, når du får det.

  2. I think they can be toxic when undercooked, especially of they have been soaked.http://www.foodreference.com/html/artredkidneybeanpoisoning.html

  3. i think if they soak too long they will never get soft when you cook them.

  4. I'm from the "if it still looks ok, then it should be ok" category in terms of food... so unless something is in the final stages of decomposition, it should still be edible. What's the worst that could have happened to those beans? They could either rot or sprout. If you've changed the water every day I think that the sprouting theory is more likely, so I say, eat away!

    (but that's just my theory, some people do wonder how I'm still alive with the things I eat sometimes)



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