Monday, 21 February 2011

Marion shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Marion?

I shoot with my beloved daddy's vintage Canon AE1 that I named Georges, daddy bought it for my birth and gave it to me just a year ago. Therefore, everything with him is like a big adventure, we went to Switzerland, Berlin, Paris. We mostly shoot colour film but we both have a big big crush on black and white. This self portrait above was taken with an Ilford HP5.

It's truly fantastic to have a kind of companion that is following me everywhere. We love to remember the small details and the simple things of life. I've been testing some expired slide films lately and the result was pretty funky.

Shooting with analogic is such magical, you shoot, take the roll to the lab, forget a little bit what you did and then, you discover again what you did. I like the impatience you can feel, the expectations, and the hapinness or the decpetion that results. A little bit like it is for love...

You can see more of Marion's film shots on her blog and portfolio.


  1. i recognize that hotel :) love your photos.

  2. great analogy to love! this is so true.

  3. i've been lucky enough to meet marion (and georges) and can confirm they are indeed a dream team!

    loved reading her thoughts.

  4. Thank you Astrid ! I'm so glad to be part of the project !

  5. I love these "Why do you shoot film" segments! So good to get an insight to some awesome film photogs.



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