Thursday, 3 February 2011

looking for a new home?

My friend's sister is selling her apartment in Oslo. Beautiful, don't you think? I love the mix of all the white, the brick wall and the old wooden furniture.

See the rest of the photos at


  1. Astrid, thanks for your nice comment! I discovered Blurb via Hei Astrid and I love it! I'm preparing more photo books, and indeed, it's much better than keeping the photos just in the computer...

  2. oh my! if I could afford it, I would buy your sisters apartement immediatly! Beautiful apartment, white and bright and even in Oslo! fabulous! Hope they find someone who is able to buy it and does value this beautiful apartment as it deserves it!

  3. My God ... It's a gorgeous place !!! Lucky people ...

  4. That home is so beautiful.
    I hope your friend`s sister will find good new owners for it.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful place! If I would live in Oslo I certainly would have a look at it!
    Have a nice weekend, Kristina



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