Sunday, 27 February 2011

look what I found!

This week we have seen it all, weather wise. 14 C below, bright sunlight and blue skies, bare dry streets, 10 cm of fresh snow, heavy rain and wind, +10 C and not a sight of snow in the garden, and then snow again. It's been fun.

Yesterday was one of those mild, no snow days. I actually did a tiny bit of gardening; I cut down the dead irises. (Here they are in full bloom.) It felt like spring - especially when I found these little guys in one of the flower beds. It's coming, you know. In a couple of days it's actually the first day of spring. It will be time to close the winter set on Flickr and open the spring set. Are you ready for it?


  1. Åh, glede! Jeg kan nesten ikke vente til våren er her!

  2. This gives me hope! We're expecting over 30 cm of snow this week, and it's so cold... Glad to know there are signs of spring somewhere!

  3. Spring seem so very far away from Oslo and the snow that has fallen this week



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