Thursday, 10 February 2011

Höganäs by Front

When I first started collecting cups and plates and stuff, Swedish Höganäs was my brand of choice and blue was my favorite color. I'm not so fond of that blue anymore; I prefer white, especially for the dinner plates. I'm still very much fond of Höganäs' products though. I love the simple design and the details.

A while ago I read this post on Emmas designblogg about Höganäs' collaboration with Front. I think it looks great! Still simple yet elegant, with the right attention to detail. I especially like this big bowl. Monocle has also written about this special collaboration. (For more information, read Emma's post.)


  1. i really like hoganas but i hadn't seen this collaboration, it's brilliant!

  2. nice and simple, I like swedish design a lot! in two weeks here in Warsaw there will be quite an interesting festival called the Northern Living Festival ( and scandinavian design is going to play a big part in it. I've already booked tickets and I can't wait to be there!



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