Sunday, 27 February 2011

everyday stories, week 8

Monday February 21
office, Indre Arna

Tuesday February 22
on my way to the office, Bergen

Wednesday February 23
at an ex-colleague's place, Ytre Arna

Thursday February 24
home, Bergen | on my way to the office, Bergen

Friday February 25
home, Bergen

Saturday February 26
home, Bergen

Sunday February 27
home, Bergen

PS: Click on each photo to view them bigger.


  1. I love this collage. It makes me wish that winter weren't going to be over so soon even!

  2. Hello!
    I just discovered your blog... I love it here!

  3. I was in your lovely city this weekend and loved it! Cool shopping, friendly people and no snow on the ground ( a huge bonus seeing how we had to dig our car out of the car park on our return to Oslo!)

  4. oh, i am hoping to visit Bergen this summer with my family. (it's my father's home town.) these photos inspire me to start planning!

  5. jeg synes nesten jeg kjenner en anelse av vår i disse fine bildene dine.



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