Sunday, 20 February 2011

everyday stories, week 7

Monday February 14
office, Indre Arna

Tuesday February 15
office, Verftet | on my way to the office, Bergen

Wednesday February 16
work, Blomsterdalen | office, Verftet

Thursday February 17
home, Bergen

Friday February 18
home, Bergen

Saturday February 19
home, Bergen

Sunday February 20
home, Bergen | Sunday stroll, Isdalen

PS: Click on each photo to view them bigger.


  1. I'm really enjoying your everyday stories. wednesday is beautiful!

  2. i like this post very much!!!
    wonderful moments and pictures!

  3. what is the story behind all that amazing fruit?!

  4. Katherine - I snapped this shot whilst at a press conference in a grocery store in relation to this store winning a price for the best fruit and vegetables section in the country.



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