Saturday, 15 January 2011


In March last year I was in South Africa and learnt about Amarula. I wrote an article about it for Norwegian Apéritif and you can read it here (in Norwegian). Inger Marie Grini took the beautiful photos. (I took the one above here.)

Here are my South Africa blog posts and here is the South Africa set on Flickr.


  1. hei-astrid,
    i found your blog in the blogroll of another blog, upon which i stumbled as its owner left comments on another blog - it sounds almost pathetic, doesn't it?
    since i first entered here, i came back many times and i have read many older posts. you have this way of enticing the reader by the small pics under each post, suggesting the reader he/she 'might also like...' - (intentionally?) naive, but in a nice way.
    your blog, focused on photography, is of course very colorful and rich, and you are also very disciplined in posting frequently. my blog has images only occasionally, and most of them are taken ad-hoc from the internet. usually, they're secondary for my purpose, which is a blog focused on words.
    so, if you have followed me so far, i'll come to the point and send you more words.
    i cannot explain myself why your blog gives me this subtle feeling of sadness. i thought seriously about it, and my introspection led me to the conclusion that this - i don't know how to call it better - this almost-hearthache comes from the combination of multiple causes:
    - the fact that you're norwegian, and north / darkness / long winter is associated with sadness for many people living in warmer / sunnier places
    - the detail that your hometown is called sandnes, which for me sounds very close to sadness, though it's hard to think there's any ethymological link between a norwegian place name and a common english substantive
    - the oblique light, even horizontal in many cases, specific to dawns and sunsets, almost often looking good in pictures, and often looking nostalgic
    - the fact that you prefer shooting places and things, not people. of course, no one is supposed to shoot humans! it's ok only if the term 'shooting' has the meaning of 'taking pictures of'.
    so your very colorful, scarcely populated, dim-lighted blogworld is a little bit bitter, though your words usually express positive attitudes and feelings. nevertheless, i will surely visit your blog again and again. beer is also bitter, and i like it too.

  2. great article, astrid!

    i admit, i often revisit your south africa photos when i need to do a little traveling from my couch.

  3. lovely blog, very glad I found it! i visited both norway and south africa this past year... and have to say it is a dead tie which one i love more. you live in a beautiful country!



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