Monday, 3 January 2011

Tim shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Tim?

There is no one reason why I shoot film. I love the sound a film camera makes. I love the tones, the grain, the imperfections. The anticipation and excitement you get when the film is developed. To me there is more feeling with film. You don't get instant results like you do with digital, and I think that causes you to stop and think about what you really are trying to capture. It makes the end result all that more magical.

You can see more of Tim's photos on his Flickr and blog.


  1. i agree with Tim 100% and sadly am feeling sort of "void" when i shoot with my digital camera now. it's kind of sad, you know?

  2. this one is pretty, tim.
    hei, astrid!

  3. you certainly rock the film, tim.

  4. tim's got that special way of capturing light. so good.

  5. Absolutely love his photography and the way he captures light



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