Monday, 24 January 2011

Matilde shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Matilde?

I have recently rediscovered analog cameras. It started with friend of mine whose digital camera was broken, and she had to buy a disposable camera. In the start we made fun of it, but then found out it brought us back to childhood. I searched my parents’ house for old cameras, and found my old compact camera (that still had film inside).

I like to shoot film because it's so exciting waiting for the result. I often forget what I taken pictures of, so I don't know what to anticipate. When the negatives are developed, and I look at the result, it sometimes feels like I found something that I didn't know that I'd lost; a memory of a great moment.

You can see more of Matilde's film photos on Flickr and her blog.


  1. what an incredible image, and i love her last sentence, about that feeling of finding something you thought you'd lost (i can relate to that as often it will take me weeks or more to finish a roll of film and then more time to develop it)!



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