Monday, 10 January 2011

Kristen shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Kristen?

it is impossible to narrow the reason i shoot with film into one simple sentence or word or phrase. so, here's my ramble. i shoot film because it is magical, organic, sensual - from choosing the film, loading the camera through the clunk of the shutter all the way to the surprises of processing (sadly i don't have a dark room but the memories are vivid). the soft grains, the unexpected light and shadows, the happy accidents and the even happier deliberate outcomes (as with this photo). with film, i am present in the moment in a way i never am shooting digital. it's a monastic experience, one that causes me to pause for longer periods of time considering my subject, to be discerning- framing out what i hope to capture, unsure of the real outcome but trusting in the process. there's no delete button. it's archival and permanent, connecting me to the past and grounding me in the present.

You can see more of Kristen's film shots on her blog.


  1. thank you so much Astrid for including me in this project :)

  2. That photo is amazing! Is it a reflection in water? Love it.



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