Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the disappointment

I think most of you know by now how much I love to shoot film. But I must admit that sometimes shooting film can be a disappointment. Sometimes the photos just don't turn out at all, like the one above - and the other 11 frames I shot during our Christmas walk on my favorite beach. I'm no expert on the technical side of shooting film, so I don't really know what happened here, but I suspect though that the freezing cold temperature that day has something do do with the sad result. You should have seen the light - SO beautiful!

Another thing that I don't like with shooting film, is using types of film that turn out to give different results than I expected - in a disappointing way - like Fuji Superia 1600 and to some point black & white film in general. But sometimes it's the other way around; Fuji Superia X-tra 800 has turned out to be better than I expected.

I have noticed a tendency recently that I'm a little too impatient when I shoot film and I almost treat it like shooting digital - meaning I don't pay enough attention to what I shoot and how I shoot it. I have become a little too trigger happy. Shooting film looses a bit of its magic when I act like this. Maybe I have too high expectations.

In 2009 I shot 21 rolls of (35 mm) film, and last year I shot 32 rolls + A LOT of digital. I want to be better at editing myself; I will kill my darlings on my way to becoming a better photographer in 2011.

How about you? Any thoughts on disappointing (film) shooting or how to kill your darlings?


  1. astrid, hvor kjøper du film?

  2. Det varierer; en del film har jeg fått tilsendt fra Mathias i Berlin, noe har jeg kjøpt hos Antonio Stasi i Lille Øvregaten og noe har jeg kjøpt via denne nettbutikken: http://www.scandinavianphoto.se/

  3. i know this all too well. one of my goals is to understand my camera even better in 2011.

  4. i understand your feelings on this, though it's funny, i sort of like this 'peek' into the beautiful light that you were trying to capture in this photo. i took 2 amazing shots with my holga yesterday only to realize i'd never taken the lens cap off. but, like you, i have had some major mess-ups, or more often, the photos despite my limited but ample technical knowledge, just do not come out at all as i'd hoped. and seeing as i've photographed at least 20 rolls of film in the last 2 months, maybe i need to slow down.

    i will say this, i'm more often disappointed with how 'easy' it is to shoot digital. there is almost no thought for me. i know the exact settings i need and if i screw up, i do over, you know? it's almost too easy.

  5. Just keep taking pictures.

    Not to seem trite, but it is now we learn to take pictures. decide on a method and stick to it for long enough to learn it well.

    Don't publish too early. Sit on something for a while. Don't look at it all the time. No single image is going to be your photographic salvation. Killing your darlings is freeing each frame from that pressure.

  6. I know exactly what you mean. It's so disappointing when a roll of film just doesn't turn out how you hoped. I, too, want to become better at editing when it comes to film. I also want to shoot more film than digital this year.

  7. Forstår hvordan du mener; å bli misfornøyd med resultatet er skuffende. En ting jeg liker er å gå tilbake og se på gamle bilder (fra perioder jeg synes jeg tok gode bilder) og se utviklingen derfra, se på hva jeg hadde gjort anderledes gitt samme motiv i dag, samt le litt av meg selv (for hva jeg synes var bra).

  8. oh astrid, i have problems with this too! especially with the killing of the darlings. when i often think something's good but in reality it isn't, i like to step away from the photograph for a few hours. then i come back and try and look at it with a fresh eye. sometimes it helps me. if i'm still not sure, i ask my brother his opinion. he's got a great eye and is also honest enough to tell me the truth.

  9. yep - everything you said! Love film but I too get carried away and then as a result disappointed



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