Monday, 10 January 2011

breakfast bliss

Minolta SRT 101, Fuji Superia X-tra 800

It's way passed breakfast time in my part of the world, but right now I wouldn't mind a bowl of plain yoghurt with müsli, fresh blueberries and acacia honey - and a double cortado. Instead I'm having a cinnamon Yogi tea with milk and honey to soothe my soar throat. What is your soar throat remedy? By the way, it's snowing again.



  1. My cure against a sore throat?
    Warm scarves and prayers. :)

    God bedring!

  2. Tangerines. Lots and lots of them.

  3. honey - i eat jars of the stuff :)

  4. Licorice tea; or before bed a hot toddy (lemon juice, sugar, whisky and hot water). Hope you're feeling better soon Astrid!

  5. propolis. ginger and honey in hot water. gargle with salted warm water. and keep your feet warm.
    i hope you get better soon :)

  6. Hei!

    Godt for halsen:
    -del opp ei sitron, hell over kokande vatn, tilsett 1-2 SS med honning! Frå mi Argentinske veninna.
    Eg synest det virkar + det er knakande godt!

    Bloggen er framleis veldig veldig fin!


  7. hot tea and honey usually helps my throat as well :)

    sorry you are under the weather.

  8. This looks so, so good Astrid.

    I am recovering from strep throat- eek! I know not fun. Oregano oil works wonders- nip it in the bud. Also, warm milk with a little turmeric, honey and freshly ground pepper. You'll sleep well and it will soothe your throat. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Ginger Tea with honey, lots of it! Bedrest when possible or at least a midday nap with the Youngest. As few milky foods as possible (as they produce more mucus), rather some homemade chicken or beef soup and oranges. Umkaloaboo drops are helpful as well.

    Get well soon, Astrid!
    Greetings from a beautiful lake near Munich,

  10. Sore throats are no fun. Chicken noodle soup. Limited talking. Orange or apple juice. Get well soon!

  11. My parents always used to give me honey with lemon juice. Not sure if it's a cure, but it does soothe.

    Also, gargle with mouthwash or salt water or baking soda disolved in water.

    Get better soon.



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