Monday, 31 January 2011

Alice shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Alice?

I shoot film because there is something consummate about the experience of it all, from the photographer's original vision to its transmutation into something tangible and the often long waiting period between these steps. Film immortalizes daily moments in a way that really tugs at my heartstrings. The tones, colors, light - film portrays and interprets these in a way that is simply inimitable. Film photographs make me pause to inspect all of the elements of that frozen moment and to imagine the events that transpired there, and for some reason, film just feels more genuine than digital. Film reminds me of the way photography all started, to really look before I shoot, to appreciate the fact that not everything is about instant gratification. (I should add that Lorena Arance's beautiful film portfolio inspired me to start shooting film in the first place!)

That said... I definitely want a wedding photographer who shoots film (if/when the time comes :)).

You can see more of Alice's photos on her blog and her Flickr.


  1. wow - this is a beauty. and wonderful words, too. there's something small for you in my blog, astrid, if you would like to partake. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures !



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