Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday breakfast

Minolta SRT 303, Fuji Superia X-tra 800

Sunday breakfast some weeks ago whilst my parents were visiting. Today it's just Sølve and me, so we had our regular müsli with a Sunday treat; plain yoghurt with fresh blueberries. What did you have for breakfast this Sunday?

PS: Don't forget the giveaway. Only five days left!


  1. mmh, this looks delicious and cozy.
    we too had just cereals this morning, and then some gingerbread as an almost-christmas-sunday-treat. have a good day!

  2. Jeg hadde julesylte på grovbrød med sterk sennep til + espressokaffe.

  3. Oh nice. I had the basic too, fresh fruits (pineapple, banana and roseapple) with natural yogurt and whole wheat cereal.

  4. This looks adorable and delicious!

  5. How fun!

    I hope you have a beautiful holiday!

  6. Your breakfast table looks so inviting. Oh yum: Do I spy a lekker brunost? Such a special kind of cheese. Yummy!

  7. … Me again. I forgot to answer your question because I was so excited about the brunost.
    Our breakfast on sunday was simple but lovely: fresh warm croissants from the local bakery, homemade strawberry marmelade/jam and boiled eggs. And coffee.

  8. looks like a cozy breakfast! We had popovers with strawberry jam from our summer garden before heading off for a long day's skitour in the mountains of Colorado :-)



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