Wednesday, 1 December 2010

October autumn

In October I loaded my little Olympus mju compact camera with a Kodak Portra 160vc film to check if it was still working properly after this weird incidence (described in the comments below the photo). Turns out everything is all right, it just prefers color film instead of black & white film. It has acted weird with the last two black & white films, but now with the color film it was fine. Seems like the black & white film might be thicker than color films, so that might be the problem.

This autumn has been surprisingly lovely. So much drier than we are used to here in Bergen. All the pretty autumn leaves are now gone and the branches are bare. It has been below zero (Celsius) for a couple of weeks and it's starting to feel a lot like winter. I'm getting eager to start the skiing season soon. I think it's time to close the autumn set on Flickr and open the winter set. It is December 1st today after all.

How about you, are you ready for winter yet?


  1. Such sunny pictures!
    Yes, I am ready for the Winter as well. We had very warm late Autumn and I am a little tired of higher temperatures. I need snow already.

  2. These photos are beautiful! :)
    Happy December, Astrid!

  3. hi Astrid,
    *ready* would be a big word, mentally. But in practice, i'm ready: winter tires on the car/ok,take Baffin-boots out of the basement/ok, snow falling/ok=> it doesn't stop to snow here actually...not so fun commuting to work. I'm already looking forward to spring, i^m not a winter-/ snow-person

  4. i love this season,
    and these colors..

  5. Wow I am not ready for winter. These photos make me long for warmer days!!!!! Very pretty.

  6. these photos are stunning Astrid.

  7. Det er ca 20 minus i Trondheim og bilder som dette minner meg på at det ikke er så lenge siden fine høsten var her. Selv om det kjennes som en evighet siden. Jeg er klar for vår.
    Nyyydelig bilder.

  8. Such beautiful photos, thank you! Yes I think we are now ready for winter, having had a week of snow already (unusually early for Scotland). The oilcloth is out for wet boots to dry on, and the scarf / hat / mitten boxes in the hall closet are already in complete disarray. We like the snow, though our "skiing" is mostly the kind you do while walking on snowy pavements!

  9. I feel almost ready. I am definitely happy that the Christmas season is beginning! I am helping my parents put up the Christmas tree this weekend, which is always really fun.



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