Monday, 27 December 2010

MK shoots film

Why do you shoot film, MK?

I shoot with film because it kinda makes my boring photos looks so good :p The graininess, the color & saturations different films produce makes each photo unique. To me, even blurry & under-exposed film pictures seems pretty :)

With digital cameras, I often waste a lot of time taking different shots of a single object but when I shoot with film, it's just one shot. No re-shooting!

I'm having a whole load of fun testing out different films now and I'm hoping to get another vintage camera to take some black & white photos. Oh. one more thing. I l ove the shutter sound :)

You can see more of MK's photos on Sleepwalking in Tokyo.


  1. thanks for linking her site, i am really enjoying it~!

  2. Have a nice new year, with full of realizations ;)



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