Saturday, 18 December 2010

life with dog

Hama kept me company in the kitchen whilst I made Friday night lasagna.

After five days of being a dog owner* I have learnt
- Hama makes me smile and laugh
- she makes strangers on the street smile
- she makes strangers on the street come over and talk to me
- she makes me more playful
- she smiles
- dogs have personalities
- dog snacks can be mistaken for raisins if it accidentally gets into your morning müsli...

*I have taken care of my friend Jakob's shiba Hama whilst the floors in his bachelor pad are being sanded. I have never before had a dog - or any other kind of pet. Gold fish doesn't count.


  1. oh! our favorite canine! She's so pretty

  2. Hmmmmm.... So Astrid, why *wouldn't* you get a dog?

  3. She's beautiful. Dogs make me so happy. My own pup in particular.


  4. She's a "beautiful" dog! Lucky you! :)

  5. i have never had a dog in adult life until my english bulldog (adopted, long story) and i have never known love like this with an animal. he is my boy, my family- and we are very close :) i have always had cats- and i like them as well, but dogs...? well, dogs are dogs. there is nothing like them.

    Hama is beautiful :)

  6. I totally recommend being a dog owner.
    I love to walk in the door after a long day, and she(my dachsen)is always happy to see me!
    And she loves a cuddle too:)

  7. Hej Astrid,
    thanks for answering my question....

    I also recommend being a dog owner, but of course it brings some limitations concerning long distance travellings or going out (at least if your dog can´t stay alone for more than two hours as our old lady does).

  8. Hi I'm french, excuse my bad english :-)I read u every week, and today I totally fall in love with Hama... May I know what pedigree is she? thanks

  9. What a beautiful dog! I've also noticed that dogs bring everyone together, just walking a dog in the morning makes people talk!



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