Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Minolta SRT 303, Fuji Superia X-tra 800

As I mentioned on Sunday, I think it's time for a new giveaway in this space. The last one was fun! At least for me, and for Ingvild, I guess ;-)

I did sort of plan to make and launch a new Blurb book before Christmas, but no. I promise to launch one early next year though. Until then I will give away my bestselling book, filled with lots of my favorite film shots, Øyeblikk*. In return I want questions and answers.

So, to participate in this giveaway you need to do two things:

1) Inspired by Famapa I want you to ask me a question. Like Famapa said; ask me anything and I will do my best to answer honestly.

2) Inspired by the Reisæter family I want you to answer my question; who are you? I really appreciate all of you ca 600 daily visitors, and I would love to get to know you a little more. Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do for a living? What are you passions?

The winner of this giveaway will be chosen at random and announced on Christmas Eve, December 24, ca noon Norway time.

*Øyeblikk is a 80 pages book with premium paper lustre finish, hardcover imagewrap. The lustre finish is rather new at Blurb (matte finish has been the only option for premium paper before), and it's the first time I've ordered it. I can't decide which only I prefer; both finishes are beautiful.

PS: Blurb has a Holiday Special Offer: Free Flat Rate Shipping until December 10. More details here. Hurry up and make/order your book by then, or take a look in my Blurb bookstore to see if you can find any possible Christmas presents there.


  1. I shall ask what I ask everyone: have you ever had what you would call "the perfect cupcake/muffin"? (it's to help my quest to find that perfect one).

    And about myself... I'm Gali and right now I'm in France but I'll be back in Finland in August and then in 2012, who knows where I'll be. I'm 25 but I honestly sometimes feel like I'm still a teenager and when someone says they're 20 I start thinking "how old!" and then I realise that I'm older. What do I do for a living? Researcher. The one thing I claimed as a child I'll never become... life is cruel. And my main passion is adventure. I tend to find adventures everywhere, from the local supermarket to far away places! Of course most of the documenting of the adventures is done through photos, that's my other passion. And then there is food. I live to try good things and I will travel to random countries mainly because I love the food there.

  2. Hei! Jeg vil gjerne være med!

    1. Hva ønsker du deg til jul?

    2. jeg er ei dame på 29 år fra Trondheim, som jobber på museum og driver litt med redesign på fritida.

    Ha en flott dag! :-)

  3. hm... interesting tasks...
    my question is; What do you do when you have a creative block (if you ever had it...)? oh and another one... what usually makes you laugh? :)

    a bit about me: I'm Ana, 25 years old, I'm from Slovenia. In this period of my life I am working on my master thesis and I'm renovating one part of more than 200 years old house with my boyfriend. I am a big book lover and would be happy to have one of yours... :)

    Have a lovely day, thank you for the opportunity, I am looking forward of reading your answers...

  4. Do you plan to have children? Why or Why not?
    My name is Kevin, I'm 45, I'm a wedding and corporate photographer living in Columbus, Ohio. My passions are being a good father, husband, son & brother-in-law, and searching out new inspirations for future work. I love seeing your part of the world and film work. We are planning a our first European Vacation next year. I have two Canon AE-1's I wish I had time to shoot more with them.

  5. Oh Astrid, I was just browsing your beautiful books two days ago in your Blurb bookstore. They're all just lovely.

    Well, here's my question to you:
    "If you had to move away from Bergen to any other city of your choice, where would it be?"

    And I guess now a bit about me:
    The name's Reya and yeah, you may knwo me from Flickr :) I'm 29 years old, mum to an 8 1/2 month old girl, Lila, and married almost 10 years to Bram. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to Canada when I was 12, then to Holland when I was 18. I love food, baking, travelling, the ocean, taking pictures, oh and did I mention food?

  6. My question is: When you think of Brazil, what is the first thought that pops into your head?

    I'm a brazilian journalist who loves to take pictures and bake. I'm 28, married and I adore your pictures! My blog's name in portuguese is "don't send me flowers".

    Camila F.

  7. Hey Astrid, this giveaway sounds like so much fun! :)
    I am a big fan of your books so obviously I won't hesitate to ask and answer questions!

    My question for you : Have you ever had doubts about being a blogger? in other words; what is your biggest reason to own a blog?

    My answer for you : My name is Shokoofeh. Shokoofeh means "blossom" in Persian. I am Iranian and I live in Tehran. I will be 26 this March and I am a graphic designer. I believe in "everyday life". And peace is my biggest dream.

    Thank you! :)

  8. Hei Astrid!
    What a wonderful gift!!
    (sorry my bad english)

    1- You are one of those people that you give much importance to each of the elements in your home. I mean, at first glance. You think watching your home I can see the reflection of your personality? Or Do you think a home is to be comfortable and useful, but nothing else?

    2- Well, my name is Lorena Arance. I am from Palma de Mallorca, a lovely island located in Spain.
    Three years ago I finished my studies in photography. I have 28 years and since I have use of reason, my biggest dream is to have a home. 3 ½ years ago I was independent and I never tire of enjoying each corner of my home. Reading on the couch while it rains outside, cooking on the weekends for some friends or sunbathing on the terrace.
    I believe that a home is a reflection of a part of my soul. And I enjoy watching other people's homes. For example, of you.
    I am fascinated by the daily images of your everyday life. And I love how simple you capture the essence of your home. I follow your stream, I´m a big fan of your books and I read your blog daily.


  9. Do you like winter?


    Hei! I am Jodi Anderson. I live in the US, in Wisconsin, where it is quite cold and I really love it. Most of my ancestory is Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, so I spend a lot of time reading Scandinavian blogs and feeling quite comfortable there. I am very quiet most of the time though. I guess it takes a good giveaway to get me to speak up.

    I really enjoy your blog, especially your dinner project and photos of your home. I am inspired by the dinner project and have thought about tweeting my homemade dinners for 2011.


  10. Hei!
    My question is: what are you reading currently and which norwegian writer or book would you recommend your readers?

    I really like your blog, the photos are a joy to see every time. The dinner project is a nice addition, a few times I've been inspired to cook something by the dinners you've had, pizza and lamb come to mind.

    My name is Satu, I'm a long time reader from Finland. Right now I'm learning to photograph, I just got a new camera and am very eager to learn new tricks with it to take better photos. I love knitting, food and books. And altough those are very indoorsy things-to-do, I love nature and walks in the forest and bike rides on the hills.

  11. Hej!
    My question: Of the many things how the internet has influenced our life, what aspect do you value most?

    I'm Silvia, I'm an electrical engineer from Switzerland and I'm 27. (Oops, I just wrote 25, time has stopped and is rushing at the same time...)
    I love taking pictures, reading books and spending time outside, being on the move, seing new things.

  12. My question is, if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live?

    I am Katherine, 33, and a librarian. I live in Edinburgh (but I was born in Orkney which has close connections to Norway, was brought up there and Yorkshire, England). My husband and I are hoping to move to one of the nice little seaside towns nearby Edinburgh. My passions are knitting, reading and design, I can't wait for us to own our own home so I can do it up properly, until then I do what I can in a rented flat. I like to explore Scotland and hope to explore more of Europe, especially Scandinavia.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity, Astrid. The book looks lovely.

    My question: Is your house (flat) EVER messy?

    My answer: I was brought up in Oregon but my home is now Aberdeen, Scotland, where I've lived for 18 years. I've recently turned 50 (!). My day job (part-time) is Academic Skills Adviser i.e. I mostly teach academic writing. My passions are: my family, creative writing, reading, knitting and making things, my church, and taking photos of the world around me.

    I really enjoy your blog, thank you!

  14. Do you believe in god?

    My name is Inga and I`m from Germany, 28 years old an working as a socialworker.
    I really like the scandinavian way of life, I did a volunteer service in Sweden and I liked it much!
    I like being outside, sailing, trekking and also cooking an baking!

  15. hej astrid!

    1. oh my, i could ask so many questions. i do have two in particular though: what is the best decision you've ever made? and also, what's the best dinner you've ever had?

    2. i'm jenna, i'm from the united states. i'm eighteen. i'm currently a student, not even done with high school. i'll start university education next autumn. i think my passions change on a daily basis. two have always been languages and curiosity about the world. i especially love scandinavia / nordic region countries, so i love to see norway through your lens. :) creative outlets have always of course been interesting to me, as of the past two years or so, it's been photography and poetry.

  16. My question: How did you get into photography?

    & Hello, I really enjoy your photos and your "why do you shoot film" series. My name is Danielle, I just turned 26 yesterday and I live in Washington DC in the USA. I'm a barista at a really great coffee shop and I like sewing/crafting, urban sustainability, documenting & exploring. Someday I hope to have my own cafe and craft space/boutique.

  17. if you were going to move, where would you want to live next?

    my name is whitney. i'm 23, married and we have a one year old daughter. we live in boise, idaho. (but hopefully not for long, because i'm not a big fan of it here!) your blog has really inspired me to make more homemade meals. i love the dinner project!

  18. What is your favorite food?

    I'm Hanna. I'm 22 and go to college in California.

  19. What's your favorite childhood memory?

    I live in Los Angeles, 25/m, social worker for homeless youth. i'm passionate about friendship.

  20. Which travelling you will remember for ever? What place has impressed you ever so much?

    I am Diana form Bulgaria. 33 years old (almost). I am a corporate clients manager at an optical chain stores.
    I love reading, writing, travelling, going to the theatre and eating ice-cream.
    I dream of a house in the wood with big veranda, where every night I will sit down a rocking chair and watching the stars.

  21. This is really a wonderful idea and I've had so much fun reading everyone's responses.

    My question: "do you have any regrets in life or is there one thing you wish you had done differently?"

    Kitchu is a nickname that my oldest sister gave me (it's a long story) but is very special to me. I was born in Washington, DC and at 8 moved to Bangladesh for 2 years, then Iran for a year, then to the south in the U.S. (and dad is not military, he's an engineer). I have lived in the southeast for 20+ years (I am 43 this Sunday!). I work as an oncology nurse, though my first declared major was anthropology with a photography minor. My parents were hopeful and encouraged me to choose a field that would ensure I always had work :) I still have dreams about finishing a master's in fine arts, photography. I have so very much to learn.

    I am most passionate about photography, I am always reading something (lately it's been memoirs), i dabble in some writing including poetry, I relish in a good hike, and I used to be an avid runner (races, etc)- I miss that and have lost my edge for sure. I have an almost 4 year old beautiful girl adopted from China a year and 3 months ago (and my fiance and I were engaged while in China!)- she is a rockstar. She cannot walk but in no way does that hinder her- she is independent, strong, funny, smart, and full of life. My english bulldog Ransom has my heart and is fighting an aggressive cancer. He has seen me through hell and back and this family will be very small without him.

    Thanks for the opportunity... as you know i adore your site and your amazing eye as a photographer!

  22. well... it's kind of tricky to ask you a question... here it is... What is the color of your garden now?

    I'm a portuguese architect who likes to shoot film and is starting to work with a digital camera. I like it, but I miss the surprise of developing the film in the lab, not knowing what I will see or just the surprise of seeing the image appearing in the darkroom. I like to read and to travel and to cook and to do lots of other things that make me dream and create.

    I'm from Lisbon and I'm 35. I really enjoy reading your blog everyday (I tend to do it every night when I return Home from work). It's realaxing and so different from my dail routine. Thanks for writing it.

  23. Hi Astrid

    My name is Tanja, I just turned 40 and I live with my husband and my 10 months old son in Hamburg, Germany. I work as a freelance translator and editor.
    Your blog and your photos inspired me to appreciate the little things more and to take more photos as a journal for my everyday life.
    I love architecture and design, art, books, films, analogue and digital photography and travelling.

    My question for you: What do do like most about Bergen?

    Thanks :-)

  24. Fantastic idea! Ok, I would ask you... If you could add 1 thing to your life what would it be?

    About me, I'm a 43 y/o mom to 3 kids who are growing up too fast (16,15 and 12). I grew up in Chicago, but have lived now north of the city, where the trees and cows are plentiful. I'm a retired nurse, now a stay-at-home mom, but I teach fitness kickboxing and bootcamp at my gym in the evenings. I have a strong desire to travel the world. There's so much to see and experience out there. So, someday I will, but for now my life is here with my little family. =)

  25. What a fun giveaway idea. I have loved getting to know your readers, and look forward to get to know you better when you try to answer all these questions. Here I go:

    1: How did you and Sølve meat? And was it love at first sight?

    2: I'm Anne Marie, 36 years old, married and have Astrid who turned two years in October. I work as an HR advisor in a municipality close to Oslo. My passions are many, but I love traveling, exploring new things, cooking, I love summer, and visiting book and paper stores.

  26. What a wonderful give away.

    Have you ever lived anywhere else than Bergen?

    I'm Ida. I've lived in the US for the last 4 years but moved back to Denmark this summer.
    Also, I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy I did :-)

  27. i just found your blog and lucky, lucky me, there is a giveaway!

    I would like to know which artist or musician really inspires you.

    Something about myself: My name is Lizzy, I live in the Netherlands and I study French. I'm 22 years old. My passion is... to enjoy every thing that is beautiful in life. Sounds cliche, but it's true.

  28. Hei Astrid! ^^

    1. What languages do you speak? What language you´d like to learn most?

    2. I´m Essi, 27-years old girl, sharing one beautiful life between the two very different cities: Bangkok and Helsinki. I´m a designer (specialized in Packaging and Brand Design) and studying a last semester of my master degree in Communication Design. I´m passionated by postcards and the possibility to live in two such lovely places.

    I´m a regular visitor in your blog and it´s always such a joy to stop by. This place is full of lust and love for life :)

  29. Hej Astrid,

    I´m reading your blog for several months now every evening when I come home from work and it is inspiring as relaxing and quite addictive.

    My question(s): Do you have a pet? Did you ever have one? And if you had one, what would it be?

    I´m Kathrin, I´ll turn 34 next week and work in the legal department of a company. I live with my boyfriend and our dog in Hamburg, Germany and enjoy reading, traveling, movies and music. I wish wish wish I´d be able to take pictures like those I see in your and some other blogs or to draw/paint. So starting photography and taking at least two other courses in drawing or sewing or something else will be my project in 2011 (What´s gonna be your´s? Oops, another question...)

    Please keep on blogging!

  30. Hei Astrid, dette vil jeg være med på.
    Jeg utfordrer deg å svare på etts pørsmål om hvordan du og Sølve møttes. ( jeg vet nå svaret på dette, men det er en finfin historie)
    Mitt andre spørsmål er;. Hva er din favoritt bok og hvorfor?

    Nadja, Una, Geir, Trondheim, Sarajevo, arkitekter, kjoler, barnehage, vin, mat og alt det gode i livet.

  31. 1. if given the chance to photography any subject, anywhere in the world - where would it be and why?

    2. my name is shafina and i turn 37 next friday which i can't really imagine yet! i currently reside in the capital of malaysia, in kuala lumpur but am excited of the prospect of living elsewhere next year *fingers crossed* i am a designer and photographer and i am passionate about (naturally) photography, art, good design and food food food!

  32. Hi Astrid!

    My question is what the best meal you ever ate/made?

    I am Delia from Los Angeles, CA. I'm a 22 year old college graduate, currently in the midst of applying to graduate school for sociology of education. (I'm applying to grad schools in NY, and love love loved all your photos from your NY trip.) I'm very passionate about empowering others for the greater good. I know it may sound cliche but this is one of the reasons why I want to pursue a masters in sociology of education, so that I understand the theories that affect current and future youth in the U.S.

    Other than trying to build a career for myself I love traveling, experiencing different cultures/foods, and reading blogs :)

  33. Hi Astrid
    I would love this beautiful book.
    My question is; what has been your favourite 'moment' today?
    A little bit about me; my name is Emily, I love in a little house in a village in England, with my wonderful husband and two busy little boys. I love to bake, photograph everything and drink lots of tea. Oh and Christmas Eve is my 31st Birthday!

  34. Hi Astrid:

    What would you want as your very last meal on this earth?

    I'm May. I'm a graduate student, wife and mother living in the Midwestern United States. I like spending time with my little family, cooking, making my home cosy, and reading.

  35. Hello Astrid; I would like to know what is the trigger that make you take a picture? Do you plan your shots or is it a decision of the moment, a sudden inspiration?
    I am Claudia, from Toronto, Canada. My first passion is photography. I shoot with an "old" Canon 10D and all my pictures have stories. December 26 is my birthday and I will be turning 50 but like Gali said I also still feel like a teenager! My other passions are painting and cooking. Thank you for the opportunity to win this very nice book.

  36. Hi Astrid
    What is your favourite thing about Norway?
    I have a wonderful friend Trude Kristen who lives in Bergen who introduced me to the country so I know what I love about Norway, but would love to know what you love about it.

    My name is Emma, I live and work in Leeds in the UK. I snowboard and sail and take photo's for fun. I like to make pretty things but they don't always work. I eat way too much, I party too often and I have some amazing friends.
    In the boring day to day life - I work in digital marketing. I'll be 30 next month.

    {I did forget to enter this - i saw it on my phone - but it wouldn't and your latest post gave me a kick. thank you}

  37. God morgen Astrid!
    Thanks for sharing your moments with us. I enjoy reading your blog and love your pictures.

    My question is: Will you ever (well, not EVER, but in the near future) join a " A photo a day project" or "365days" or "Year In Pictures (YIP)" and start taking pictures on a daily basis and upload them?

    My name is Julia, I work as an fulltime editor in Hamburg. I enjoy writing (good for my job!), taking pictures, reading, cooking and life.I did a 365 picture last year and I know it takes time and loads of willpower to finish a project like that.

    God jul and best wishes from Julia

  38. Hello I am Daniela from Italy!
    I am 25 and I work as special teacher for special needs children in 4 schools here on the mountains around my home :-)
    I love love love love travelling, last summer I have been to Armenia with my hubby and this new year's eve we will be in London.
    I am living and happy life and I am so glad for my dreams:day-dreams and real dreams that I make to come true every day more!

    A question for you:what is the goal of your life? (I know is an hard question, but also a simple one..I will answer to this saying my goal is to FULLY LIVE my life...and you?)
    Hugs from Italy

  39. Hei!
    Du byr alltid så mye på deg selv gjennom bloggen din, og gir meg som leser den så mange fine opplevelser (og ett ønske om å bli flinkere til å ta bilder)!

    1. Har du en hemmelig hobby/interesse du ikke har nevnt i din blogg?

    2. Jeg er Hege, ei jente på 33 somre fra Vestfold, som flytta til Trondheim pga kjærleiken for over ni år siden. Jeg er en som liker lukten av tang og tare, synes suppe er undervurdert, liker å strikke og å være kreativ, elsker fine utsikter gjennom andre folks kjøkkenvinduer, liker å drikke krydderte om vinteren og kakao om sommeren, og som liker å lese andres blogger i smug!

    Hilsen Hege!

  40. Hi!

    My question is: What is your favorite novel?

    About me: I'm Lauren, a 25-year-old graduate student in Chicago, Illinois. I read your blog regularly via Google Reader and love your photography. When not studying, researching, or treating patients who have hearing loss, I am usually reading, running, or snuggling with my wire-haired Jack Russell terrier, Lucy. I also love photography and am hoping for a new Nikon for Christmas :)

  41. Hi Astrid!

    I love your blog, your pictures and your everyday life. I've been following your blog for quite a few months now, but I think this is the first time I comment - I couldn't miss this opportunity of winning the book!

    So, my question for you... I love your "Everyday Stories" and the daily outfits. Do you care about clothes, style and fashion, or you just grab something to put on everyday?

    About me... I'm Rita, 31 years old, mum of two boys, from Faro, Algarve, Portugal. I'm a marine biologist and I've just finished my PhD. Besides my work as a research scientist, which I love, I spend a lot of time sewing and making crafts, and I've recently fell I love with photography. I'm also trying to live a simple, green and handmade life. I also have a blog where I write about all these hobbies...

  42. Where do you find the I shoot film participants? This is one of my favorite parts of your blog.

    I'm Lisa and I live with my husband and 2 cats in Oakland California. Finding so many blogs with so much great photography has inspired me to pick up film cameras after a very long break. I'm about to take an assignment for work in hong kong and i can't wait to document my adventure with film.

  43. Q: Astrid, what do you see yourself doing five years from now?

    A: I live in Minnesota. We have great public radio here; try a listen to The Current at www.mpr.org. I'm 26, married, and we have two big dogs. My profession is court reporting. My hobby/passion is learning, so I read constantly. I don't own a TV (so many books, so little time). I play the piano and I'm learning to play the guitar. I've been learning how to cook new meals since I became a vegetarian last February. One thing that we have in common is that I also walk to work, even in the winter. Thank you for your blog; your photos are like a vacation for me.

  44. Hei Astrid!

    Jeg har fulgt med på bloggen din (og flickr)i i ca. ett år nå, og liker den veldig godt. Synes du tar masse fine bilder og jeg liker blandingen av ulike temaer du har på bloggen. Spesielt godt liker jeg reisehistoriene, innleggene om hverdagslivet og "Why do you shoot film"-serien. Gleder meg alltid til å se nye bilder du legger ut- og jeg synes det er artig å se bildene dine fra fine Bergen:)

    Mitt spørsmål til deg er: Hvis du skulle velge ett land du kunne tenke deg å reise til, eller reise tilbake til, hvilket ville du velge?

    Selv er jeg 32 år, bor rett utenfor Oslo, og skal bli mamma for første gang neste år. Jeg har bodd mange år i Bergen (6 år), og tok mesteparten av utdannelsen min der (har en master i medivitenskap fra UiB). Det er fire år siden jeg flyttet fra Bergen nå, og jeg savner ofte byen. Jeg reiser derfor og besøker venner der flere ganger i året, og prøver alltid å få med meg BIFF:) Foto/fotografering, film og reising er mine største interesser, og for øyeblikket jobber jeg i en studentorganisasjon i Oslo.

    Håper du og dine får en finfin jul!

  45. *hei astrid!

    for en herlig giveaway!

    jeg lurer på hvem som er din favoritt fotograf/fotografer?

    litt blogginfo har du jo om meg fra før, men her kommer noe:
    vigdis, 29 år, bor med mann og og en sønn på grünerløkka i oslo. jobber som sykepleier. drømmer om STORT hus med minimun tre gjesterom, veranda og en akkurat passe stor hage.

    fin jul til deg*


  46. Q: What do you consider the best part of any day?

    Me: 47 female, Hillsboro, OR-USA,
    mother of 4, married 30 years, love outdoors::love getting my hands dirty gardening or making crafts::crocheingt::dreaming of house improvements::love the ocean or any water really::baking::
    trying new things:: a Christian.

    This is fun.

  47. First of all,
    Looovely book just browsed through it, and I'm in love with those gorgeous photos!!!

    Hmmm what to ask... I'd like to know if there is any place you could choose to live, where would it be?

    As for me, I'm from Toronto (originally from Sarajevo), I'm 22, an architecture grad student, and my passion is travel, meeting and learning about people and cultures, and creating. :o)

    I hope you have an absolutely fabulous holiday!!! :o)



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