Monday, 6 December 2010

friends in black & white

Jakob's shiba inu Hama




I'm clearing out the "film photos that are not yet posted" folder on my laptop and I found these black & white shots from a dinner party at home in January. I used Ilford Delta 3200 film, which is very special because of the heavy grain. I mentioned in February that I liked the result of the roll, but now I'm not that sure anymore. These are among the best shots from the roll (people look great on black & white film), other than that they are mostly not that good. It might have been the things I photographed that were rather dull and boring, or maybe this film just require special skills. Skills that Charlotte, Claire and Molly absolutely have.

black & white

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  1. when i bought my first roll of 1600 film, the photographer selling it to me that also works in the shop warned me that it was "unforgiving", though for the life of me i'm not entirely sure what that means. there were only 2 or maybe 3 photos from that whole roll that i loved and like you, i am convinced it is my lack of technical skill that causes this problem.

    as for your photos, i actually like them but i don't mind heavy grain- it adds texture to a photo that i enjoy. that dog is adorable as well :)



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