Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Canon EOS 500N, Fuji Velvia 100F

I just finished watching a documentary about planned obsolescence called Pyramids of Waste, Garantert kort levetid in Norwegian. It was very interesting - you should see it too. Find it here. Most of the talking is in English, and a little bit is in German and French. There are Norwegian subtitles. It will only be online until December 14th.

The theme for this documentary is spot on the theme for a new and exciting project I have started together with graphic designer Trine Hisdal (she doesn't have a real online home yet). I will show and tell more about it later, but you can already mark the date April 1st, which will be our official launch and vernissage.

Edit: Siri made me aware that you can not watch the documentary on NRK web TV unless you are in Norway. So sorry to tease you guys! :-(


  1. Det kjipe er at man ikke kan se NRK nett-tv med mindre man er i Norge :P Fungerer dessverre ikke for hjemlengtende nordmenn her i England, f.eks. Veldig fin blogg du har! :)

  2. I saw this documentary the day it was sent on NRK, and it made such an impact on me that it had me talking about it to my husband for more than an hour.

    ... My first thought was: "How naive I am". My second thought was:" This has to change". And my third thought was: "I don't think I want an I phone anymore... I need to find an alternative".

    I definately need to ask certain questions before I buy products from now on. Like if the company has a return policy for no longer working products etc.

    I recommend everyone to try to get a hold of this documentary some way or another.



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