Monday, 20 December 2010


I love flowers! And I'm clearing out my film 2010 archives for photos I haven't posted yet. So, here is some pre-Christmas flower galore for you.

February: Canon EOS 500N, Fuji Provia 100F

March: Canon EOS 500N, Agfa Precisa 100

April: Canon EOS 500N, Fuji Velvia 100F

May: Canon EOS 500N, Kodak Portra 160vc

June: Canon EOS 500N, Fuji pro 160S

June: Canon EOS 500N, Fuji Velvia 50

June: Canon EOS 500N, Kodak Ektar 100

December: Minolta SRT 303, Fuji Superia X-tra 800

Which one is your favorite?

PS: Don't forget the giveaway! The winner will be picked on Christmas Eve (Friday).


  1. love these... makes me think of warm spring weather!

  2. Mange mange flotte bilder, om midt i førjulsrushet ga meg et ønske om sommer og blomstertid!;) Flotte!:)

  3. Love the second to last pretties.

    Love your blog! :)

  4. The daisies in June is my favourite! Gorgeous colours. I also adore your dining table! Freshly picked flowers always bring about magic.

    xx Claire

  5. That was a very enjoyable confession! It's very hard to pick a favourite but mine is the pink roses, third from the bottom. My second favy is the top one, of the ranunculus. Summer!

  6. i love them all! what a happy sight on a cold day.

  7. the yellow ranunculus. i just adore that portra NC film, don't you?

  8. So many beautiful flowers and photos!!! They are a vitamin shot during cold and dark winter days

  9. Beautiful collection! Flowers almost always come out so well on film.



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