Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas is red

Minolta SRT 101, Kodak Portra 400nc

Last year I decorated with holly, this year I bought some of these lovely red things. For me red is the color of Christmas. By the way, does anyone know the name of those things?

god jul

Edit: Thank you Christine and Ann-Kathrin for telling me the name for this plant. They are called Ilex, or more specifically Ilex verticillata, and are in fact a type of holly.


  1. Sånne pynter jeg alltid med :) Tror de heter Ilex eller noe sånn :) Burde visst det som jobber vegg i vegg med en blomsterbutikk ;)

  2. Don't know the name, but the photo is so lovely! :)

  3. I love and use these too! Here we call them Ilex which, surprise! Is also holly.

    I like them so much I try and keep them up as long as possible into January, they are just so bright and fresh.

  4. oh astrid, i love this - such a wonderful shot!

    god jul!

  5. Very Christmasy. Beautiful photo.

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