Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 project: daily everyday life photos

Canon EOS 500N, Kodak press chrome 100

If you noticed the answer to question number 37 in this post, you got a little tease of what my new project is - and the title of this post gives it all away.

Now that the dinner project is coming to an end*, I wanted to start a new project that can easily be shared in this space. I decided on the same kind of project that I did in 2008; daily diptychs from January 1st to December 31st 2011.

My plan is
- to take a least two photos every day (note to self: kill your darlings!)
- to post one photo to my Flickr every day
- to post the week's seven diptychs here on Hei Astrid every Sunday
- to add date and location for the photos as the only text

Does anyone else plan a similar project?

Happy new year everyone! Here's to a fabulous 2011!

*The Dinner Project Blurb book will be launched within a couple of months.


  1. I have a similar project! I'll post it on my blog on monday.
    I want to take 2 photos a day throughout 2011: one of my outfit, for the Daily Outfit Diary flickr group and one of a random moment of that day, for My Everyday Life group. Once a week, I'll also post the photos on the blog.
    I have to say, Astrid, you inspired me to start this project! I love your photos, your everyday moments, and I just hope I can do something similar and show a bit of my life as a scientist and a mum... I wish you a Happy New Year!

  2. I wish I could do something like that... At least 1 or 2 per week... Happy New Year for you

  3. Sounds very interesting. The new year starts in a couple of hours and I haven't decided on a new project....

  4. Har du sett dette innlegget med bilder?

    Nyttårshilsen fra Anja!

  5. I thought about taking one picture each day in 2011, too...not sure if I can keep up with it though. For some reason I feel like I want to document 2011 better...

  6. hi astrid! i started to follow your blog during this holydays. i have decided to start this 365pictures project this year (and that's why i found your blog!).
    i lived in norway for a while and i had this blog just to help my friends to follow me while i was not in italy, but it is in italian... i will start with a new blog tomorrow, then i will write you the address: hope you will follow me in my new adventure:) good luck with yours!


  8. I'm toying with the idea of starting another project... I've done several take a picture every day projects before, and I'd like to do something similar again.
    But I still have some hours to decide, what it will look like in detail! :)

  9. :) no, no consuming project as yours. Hope you'll have fun doing your project in a brilliant 2011.

  10. Hello Astrid. I'm always amazed at how organised you are ... For the new year, my project will be modest : one diptych per week. And I really hope the new year won't be as intense as the last one was for me ... I wish you a happy 2011 ;o)

  11. no projects for me, just remembering to walk out that door everyday with my camera and capture how life unfolds! happy new year!

  12. Happy New Year Astrid!
    What a wonderful way to document life and keep memories! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and you inspire me to take more myself.

  13. happy new year astrid! that sounds like a lovely new project to document 2011. i started a SP a week last year and only made it to 30 this year i'm taking it slowly and haven't planned on any project so far...although i love them a lot. thinking about it!!

  14. Diptychs can tell lots of different stories depending on the way you mix photos. I love to play with the way people see my images and love to image the stories they will create when they see them. Happy 2011.

  15. Happy new year Astrid !
    WIth a great project for 2011 !!!

    Bises !

  16. Artig prosjekt og det blir helt sikkert ett artig år for deg Astrid. håper jeg får møtt deg i 2011! Klem.

  17. Godt nytt år!

    Jeg vil gjerne ha et lignende prosjekt, men driver fremdeles å tenker det ut. Egentlig så har jeg lyst å ta mer bilder av mennesker, så kanskje det skal bli en "greie"??

    Det er uansett inspirerende å se hvor gjennomførbart det er her på Hei Astrid :) Keep up the good work!!


  18. Ha! It seems that I thought of your new project when I asked you the question! :)
    I am doing a 52weeks project - one selfportrait a week - this year over at flickr and trying to do a YIP (Year In Pictures) project as well - like in a joint-venture.
    I enjoy dong this because it is like a jounal for me.
    Happy picture-taking!
    Julia ♡

  19. gott nytt ar astrid!
    looking fwd to your 2011 project!
    this is also a beautiful one found on flickr:

  20. great project and good luck, I lpve everyday snippets of peoples lives photos, its so interesting to see how other people live. I tried this once and miserably failed, I jus didn't have the staying power!

  21. My lovely wife Allison started a dyptich project on her birthday last year, May 15th. She was inspired by your 2008 project, and I can tell you that she's been cursing the commitment once in a while. On the other hand, we're passing the three-quarter milestone, and it looks like we're going to end up with one *hell* of a beautiful souvenir to the last year in her twenties :) Find her daily flickr set here.

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