Wednesday, 17 November 2010

view from the top

My 31st birthday was the best! Breakfast at Pastis, High Line, bagel lunch, Central Park, MoMA and The Modern, dinner at The Standard Grill (I didn't bring my camera), and finally; the view from the top of Empire State Building at 1 am. Amazing! By the way, they said the line to get up there can be hours long during daytime - at 1 am there was no line. Hurra!


  1. It took me ages ago to go up there but i did it at night also. pure magic !

  2. Gratulerer med de 31! Genialt tips å gå opp om natten, for en utsikt! NY er min drøm også.

  3. your pictures are amazing! you are so inspiring
    by the way I love your dinner project and sometimes I spy good reads on your pictures
    would you mind sharing your and your husband's readings also


  4. Just beautiful. Love that you make your readers be a part of your adventure!
    I sometimes spy good reads on your photos. Would you mind sharing them?

  5. grattis i efterskott! the perfect way to celebrate your birthday is in new york :) yippie!

  6. Lucky you!
    I admire your way to celebrate Birthday. And not only: admiration for the great, sweet moments you are creating not only for the feasts but every day.

  7. perfect time to go up! so glad your birthday was magical :)



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