Monday, 15 November 2010

Veena shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Veena?

Last year I picked up my dad's canon a1 with a new respect, having been moved, comforted and delighted by film photographs on flickr (Astrid's "light" set made me officially addicted). Since then I've come to think that, surely, film photography must be good practice for life? You know, with its accidents and unexpected highs and lows. (My first roll was like my first crush: I got up at 5am to capture a gorgeous sunset, only to later realize that I hadn't loaded the film correctly. There was nothing there.)

Now that I can load the film correctly (most of the time) I'm working on seeing whatever comes out of the whole process as a gift. I figure that as long as I'm in a creative community like flickr my technique is bound to improve, however incrementally... and as a giddy beginner, that doesn't even seem to be the point.

You can see more of Veena's film photos here.

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  1. completely agree about the analogy to life. and i am almost surprised i moved so easily away from it for so long. i got caught up in the instant gratification of digital, i suppose. it's good to be back in that space where i'm wondering if my 4 rolls this weekend will be complete duds :)



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