Friday, 19 November 2010

Oyster Bar

After a bit of exploring it was time for a snack. Well, any time is snack time in my book, but now it was time for a proper meal.

Before we left for New York I asked ex Brooklyn resident Brian for tips on where to eat. He gave us a lot of really great tips (some of them are to be found here), including Oyster Bar. He said:

I think a classic NY experience is eating lunch at the counter at the Oyster Bar restaurant in grand central station (not in the dining room - too expensive).

So, that's what we did. Although we had dinner instead of lunch. The place has lots of character and the food was really great. We also started talking to the woman next to us; a fellow photo nerd who photographed her food and the chefs - just like us. Such fun!

Film: Kodak Portra 160vc, black & white photos: Canon 40D


  1. You really have made a true trip to New York. Oyster bar is one of my huband's and mine favorite places. I love their she crab soup, but pretty much anything on their menu is great. So glad to see someone doing the town the right way.

  2. i'm very much enjoying reading all about your NY trip ! seems you made the best out of it, kudos :)

  3. yay for photo nerds and great suggestions on places to eat in the city. i am always with at least one camera, but i am incredibly shy taking photos in front of anyone! i dot it, but it takes so much courage...


    Please Join it :)

  5. Astrid - your blog is an inspiration! Today, I'm going to devote time to updating mine.
    Love your shots; you have a gentle vision.
    I'm so glad to have met you and Solve, and did you know we have the same camera?! 40D - it rocks! I'm still learning all its functions. Camera nerd is a fit description :)
    Someday I'll get to the west coast of Norway
    ~ Nancy Dinoto from Oyster Bar

  6. Må si at jeg elsker NY bildene dine :)



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