Friday, 19 November 2010

a NYC Saturday

Saturday October 30th was our sixth and last full day in New York.

We stumbled upon a fashion photo shoot in the Meatpacking District. Sølve took these shots - I was too shy to do it ;-)

Kodak Portra 160vc

We spent hours at the Museum of Natural History. Animals are fascinating. Even the dead ones.

We were excited as kids on Christmas Eve to see the dinosaurs.

In Central Park I saw something I have only seen in movies; a man walking fives dogs at the same time. It feels so New York, doesn't it?

Kodak Portra 160vc

We did not go inside the Guggenheim Museum, but since we were in the neighborhood I wanted to see this famous Frank Lloyd Wright building.


  1. :-))
    I thought that a view of one man, who is leading 5 dogs, can be seeing only in a movie.

  2. guggenheim er fantastisk! dere burde gå inn neste gang :)

  3. Yes, a man walking fives dogs at the same time is very New York and exotic!

  4. That is true that I've ever only seen those dogwalkers in shows about NYC. It's good to see that it's a real thing.



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