Friday, 5 November 2010

lounge area

The November challenge over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs) is livingroom; show your lounge area.

We have a couple of lounging areas in our livingroom; the two chairs by the fire place, where we always sit when we have guests, and the sofa in front of the TV and home cinema system. This is were we hang out in the evenings after work. Especially now when it's pitch dark by 5 pm.

I have already told you about my sofa mission, the hi-fi storage mission and my last rearrangement. We have also made some changes to the photo wall since last year. In general I'm trying to declutter our home. The CDs are my next project...

The home cinema system is not pretty, but oh boy! it's fun. We both love watching movies and dvd box sets, so I'm happy we did this investment. (Here is another shot, with moving pictures on the screen.) Talking about movies; have you seen Kick-Ass yet? So funny!

And finally, a few details from the sofa end of the livingroom - just because ;-) I think I'll do a post later on the images on our walls. As I mentioned here, we bought some new art in New York. I'll show you when we've had them framed.

By the way, for you NIB girls (and boys??) and other decorating happy people, I made a shortcut to the post about our homemade dining table. It's in the sidebar to the right, below the labels cloud.

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  1. i love this room of yours, a. i bet you're having some great fires nowadays.
    we changed our hifi and electronic storage last weekend and got rid of the five piece surround sound format, replacing it with a sound bar on the wall and adapted a danish sideboard to hold all the other bits - it has sliding doors so we can close it all away :)



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