Wednesday, 24 November 2010

everyday life

He is a great uncle.

That little slice of October moon made me smile.

Party leftovers. I kept them for three weeks.

Some November mornings are really pretty.

I worried the paint wouldn't come off the table, their hands and clothes. The box said fingerpaint, so I guess there was nothing to worry about.


  1. your view is stellar, i am jealous! really beautiful photos. your everyday life looks a bit like a good dream.

  2. the moon is amazing... and what a nice view from the window you have!

  3. What a beautiful photo with the moon. It's so difficult to take good moon pictures. I also really like the "good uncle" shot - there's a whole story there!

  4. So, so pretty. I regret we didn't make it to Bergen on our trip to Norway... If I had known your blog and seen your pictures I definitely would've gone :)



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