Tuesday, 16 November 2010

art & 5th

We stepped out of Central Park and into Fifth Avenue. We felt like tiny ants on the bottom of the forest floor.

Our mission was to see art at MoMA. It was top class. The next time I visit a world famous museum, I will do it first thing in the morning though - before my head is full of a day's worth of sights and impressions.

After MoMA, a late lunch with wine at The Modern is highly recommended. We even saw a Hollywood celebrity; Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy.

The photos above are taken by both me and Sølve, with Canon 40D.


  1. Your pictures are making me feel so homesick. They are wonderful and capture the city so well. Thank you for bringing a bit of home my way :)

  2. ditto Nydia and it was never my home! that's just how much i love this city. so glad you are soaking up the culture to its very fullest and sharing it with us. the photos are just fantastic.



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