Thursday, 7 October 2010


The October challenge over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs) is to show of thrift store/flea market finds. Reuse is the key word.

This challenge made me realize how much stuff we actually have that either was bought at Fretex (the Salvation Army's thrift store) or inherited from family members; all the different dining chairs, all the small coffee tables (one seen above) and the two stools (one seen above) we use as both foot rests and coffee tables, the green nightstand in the hallway, the mason jars in the kitchen, most of the silverware we got for our wedding, most of our other cutlery, so much of our plates and bowls (I should blog about them!), the cake stand we got for our wedding, the brass candle holders, the green wingback chair (that were my grandparents' first furniture bought together as a married couple), and last but not least; the orange sofa that I bought at Fretex for 450 kr (ca £56/$77). We did not at all need another sofa, but it was love at first sight so I could not not buy it.

The light has been so crappy for photos lately, so I give you an old - highly unstyled - shot from 2007, the year I bought the sofa. The sofa has been moved about a lot; the current position is here. More images of the orange sofa here.


  1. wow, really nice ! Den passet jo perfekt inn i det interiøret der !



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