Friday, 8 October 2010

say cheese

Skiing me, ca 1985. Photo by dad.

A while ago I got this beautiful blogger award from Marianne. Thanks a lot, Marianne! I appreciate it.

With the award there comes a challenge
1 Link to the one you got it from
2 Tell 7 things about yourself
3 Give the award to 7 other bloggers

Since I have done this challenge a few times before, I thought this time I would focus on home decorating.

1 White is my number one choice for candles. Only a few times I've bought red candles for Christmas.
2 I believe in small space living. I learnt a lot about what I (and Sølve) actually need in my everyday life after living 3 years in 30 square meter. I hope we will be able to keep this in mind when we one day in the future become a bigger family.
3 I need wood in my home; for example floors, tables, dining chairs, kitchen benchtop. I also need lots of white + splashes of color.
4 I like homes that are personal, unpretentious, playful and well planned.
5 After redecorating a few apartments, I almost hate DIY...
6 I'm more focused on how a room/house works than filling it with the right design furniture. I don't mind a room/house full of IKEA stuff as long as it's well planned and functional.
7 I used to read every interior design magazine I got get my hands on. But then I got feed up; I felt I had seen it all before. Now I mostly just read a couple of favorites; Norwegian Elle Interiør and Nytt Rom.

I give the beautiful blogger award to these beautiful bloggers:
1 Ingvild Telle
2 Christine's sketchbook
3 Mammadamen
4 UNA.dos.tres
5 no penny for them
6 forty-sixth at grace
7 Susannah Conway


  1. :-)) That picture is so sweet!
    It makes me smile.
    I am with you in the rational way about living space and the necessary stuff in everyday life, which we REALLY have a need of.

  2. Takk for fin award, kjære Astrid. Jeg vil gjerne svare:-)

    God helg til deg!

    Bildet er fantastisk!

  3. Morsomt bilde. Blaa briller er kjempeflott!!! :))) Og du smiler so nyyyyydelig. Ha en fin helg!

  4. Jeg digger bilde, en skikkelig liten trendsetter. Tusen hjertelig for awarden. Du er en av mine absolutte favoritter, så det var koselig. Ha en finfin helg!

  5. hei astrid! congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! am a i bit snowed under with a project at the moment, but will try to do my 'seven things' soon.

    p.s.: that photo of you is adorable!



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