Friday, 1 October 2010


As I mentioned here, I like my unpolished brass candle holders. They are the only candle holders I have, so they all fit nicely together. But after seeing this simple yet elegant candle holder above on different blogs, especially in Avdelingen's new header, I might rethink my brass band.

Kubus is designed by Danish Mogens Lassen and is produced by by Lassen.

From the by Lassen website:

The classic Kubus candlestick was designed in 1962. Intended as a rebellion against the ornate, elaborate home, it is informed by a sense of functionalism and mathematical precision. The result was the iconic square-shaped lacquered steel frame topped with candle holders, a design today prized and admired the world over for its elegant simplicity.

More from the website; on Mogens Lassen's inspiration:

The basic Bauhaus design principles feature geometric shapes: The Square, the Triangle, and the Circle. The Bauhaus school was also a proponent of clean lines and simplified forms for all design.

The original aim of Bauhaus was to revolt against the ornate decorative style of mainstream architecture, design and art prior to 1919. Everything was to be more simple, functional, and not least, honest – and it was here that Mogens Lassen took his inspiration.


  1. Den er så fin! Jeg kjøpte den for noen uker siden og er så fornøyd! Passe "grov" i uttrykket, samtidig som den er firkantet.

  2. If I had a wishlist you could find this in there :)

  3. De er veldig skulpturelle og pene, men jeg holder selvfølgelig en knapp på messing ;)

  4. Den der står høyt på ønskelista mi også, gitt! :)
    Men vet ikke helt om jeg ville gått for svart eller hvit.



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