Wednesday, 20 October 2010

home work

I have some busy days with lots of interviews and articles to do for Universum. I hardly ever work at home anymore, only in busy times like this. In the productive hours I listen to my upbeat party mix at Spotify (find it here) whilst enjoying my guilty pleasures of instant mashed potatoes with sausage and waaaay too much vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

What are you up to today?


  1. I continue searching a job via Internet. While, listening to music, I also am addicted to spotify.
    And in an hour I have to take care of the son of a friend of mine.
    We will go to buy things for halloween. :)
    Later, arriving home, make dinner and watch an episode of Fringe.
    this is my day today.
    tomorrow is totally different.

  2. I'm going for a run in a minute, and then I have to work on a typesetting project until this afternoon, when I'm meeting my mom for shopping. Then back home for more work. I love the flexibility of being a freelancer/contractor!

  3. the usual; kids ready for school, editing photos, (today's music starts withRay LaMontagne), coffee & apple butter from my favorite orchard. i wish i could get more solid blocks of time to edit, maybe in a couple years :)

  4. Hmm....

    I will have breakfast shortly as my tummy is starting to growl! ;) Then, I will look for flights to Berlin as I'm meeting some friends there for New Year's.
    After that, I will start on my next paint project which I'm very excited about, and then later this afternoon, I will go to the gym.
    I think I will barbecue for dinner, as the weather is still nice. :)
    Hope you have a lovely Wed!

  5. I work from a dedicated home office. I probably work harder now as a freelance writer-editor than I did when I was working full-time for corporations but I love not commuting, my little courtyard view, taking a walk around my neighborhood at lunch, shooting photos or just working with a snoring dog at my feet. Don't think I could ever go back to working "away" again!

  6. i'm in the upholstery workshop finishing up a 60s desk chair and then i'm off to take some film to the lab. hope you're having a productive day at home!



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